January & February: KBFF Orcas

In January, the KBFF Orcas earned 2 hard-fought wins out of 4 games in the Singapore Floorball League with some held at the new court in Our Tampines Hub.

A match to remember was definitely the game against Supernova. Our keeper, Xuan Zhi, had NUS IHG that day and could not make it.

Our vice-captain Serene Quek stepped up to suit up and take a crash course in goalkeeping.

It was quite an experience for Serene. She faced quite a number of box plays and even a penalty. Overall, a valiant performance that earned much cheer and support from her teammates before and after the game.

“Initially, I wasn’t very keen on taking up the position because I didn’t feel that I would be suitable but after playing, it felt good because the team was supportive. Although I didn’t feel confident, everyone kept reassuring me and it was very touching. In the end, I was glad I did it because it was truly an eye opening experience since it’s something that I have never done before.”
– Serene

Prizes and special mentions are a part of the KBFF Orcas tradition after every league game. This time, goalscorer Elise and Joshlyn, two of our recent recruits, were commended for their improvement and work ethic.

They may not be the best forwards around but their effort is there and I can see the change from then and now. – Coach Sonia Teo

Elise, Joshlyn and Serene with Coach

The referee’s MOTM was Ariel, the youngest player in our squad *claps*!

It was a Mixed Fortunes February as we lost one at the start and redeemed ourselves at the game yesterday despite the long Chinese New Year break.

Well done to MOTM, our veteran Hui An, and Afiqah for the splendid improvement in her first ever league season.



Update about the Orcas & TGIFloorball

The KBFF Orcas in Division 3


Our first game against Zyrus FC marked the commencement of the Division 3 Singapore Floorball League. Although we got off on the wrong foot, it pushed us to train even harder for our next match. Our Man of the Match (MOTM) was Amielle Alimusa (#01), who was our keeper of the day with many nice saves to boot. Amielle has been with KBFF since she was 15!


Amielle: As a backup keeper, i felt honoured to kick off the season with the team. I haven’t stepped into court in the past year and i was hella nervous that i would mess up, however the girls gave me constant encouragement that i needed throughout the game which really helped me get in my zone. I’m ever so grateful to be in a team that puts so much faith and trust in me. I owe my motm title to the team & coach for their genuine support and guidance, y’all are da real mvp 💪

Determined to bounce back after our loss last week, we fought hard in our game against NTU Storm.

As aptly put by our MOTM Emily Ortega (#33), “The game on Sunday was a great one for us because not only was it our first win of the season, we displayed some fine team play and team spirit! We’ll continue to work hard and play well for the rest of the season…and score more goals!


Our lack of intensity and and focus cost us our third game against Katana FC. A third period fightback was not enough.

Our MOTM was Jaime Cheong and our players’ choice award went to one of our pioneers, Koh Hui An. She has been with us from our rough 2010 beginnings 😀


With the seniors putting in a good shift, this game was a timely wake up call for the young players to use the holiday break to train much harder.

#TGIFloorball 2018

Our sessions will resume in January. Contact us to get onto our mailing list.

Stairs to Heaven

Our slow start against NTU Tempest last weekend almost costed us the game but our girls fought back to level the score after being two goals down.

It was not a full squad as our players are mostly having exams ranging from N Levels to Uni midterms aka Life of a Singaporean.

After the game, it was time for PT. These stairs made my legs ache for days after but every step made good team bonding time. We went from pretending we were climbing a mountain without a view to comparing how much easier this is than our weekly HDB stairs PT.

If you’re up for a character building sport that brings out the best and worst in you, look no further. Join us.

We cater to all levels of experience in floorball and sports in general. Yes, coach potatoes are welcome too. 😆

Afterall, that is how KBFF started. This is a photo of us from 2012!

Czeched in

In August 2015, the ladies’ floorball national team travelled to Prague, Czech Republic to be the first Singapore team to take part in the annual Czech Floorball Open. What better way to get accustomed to playing against European opponents?

The Open was held at different towns in Prague. Imagine a floorball-friendly court nearby every mrt station in Singapore. Yes, that cool! Their country is 7th in the world floorball rankings because they start young *ahem*

One of our matches was held at HFK Děkanka o.s. aka Dekanka Hall.

During warm-up, I looked up at the hall walls. There was a huge poster of Nikola Cerna in her FBS Bohemias jersey. We had been writing way before this so it was such a pleasant surprise!

Fast forward to 3 July 2016 and here she was with Hana Sladeckova. We were doubly honoured to spend some floorball and durian time with them. The rest is KBFF history. (Photos in our Facebook page)

Sixth game of the season



As anticipated, the game against NUS Jupitans was a closely fought game. It was awful for us to concede 2 goals in the first period through a penalty and one that trickled in over my head. However, the girls kept their nerve and we made it by the skin of our teeth.

Since it was the final match of 2013 and our forward, Aza, was leaving us for her girlfriend (hehe), we had our Christmas gift exchange early led by Nab!

Sticking to tradition, our captain gave us something extra- matching underwear!