2015/16 KBFF Orcas

(Written by our players for our players)


Aimee Rosabelle Tapaoan
1997 –
Joining us in 2012, Aimee was one of the youngest players in our squad. From being everyone’s “awkward little sister” she became one of the more approachable figures in the team. She is a fast learner and is quickly progressing to be one of the fiercest players in court despite her petite size. Her humility and determination is what I adore most about her, way to go you little pinoy!  


Amielle Alimusa
Goal Keeper
1997 – Amielle is one of the most dependable person l know on and especially off court. As laid back and carefree as she look, she can be very determined and focused. She wouldn’t admit this outloud but she does have a great passion for this sport and cares for every single person on this team. She’s unintentionally making people laugh and brighten everyone’s spirit. On court she throws and saves balls like nobody’s business. It’s really impressing and amazing to watch her so serious on court and to see her come a long way from where she started. Do not underestimate her. She is the Batman to my Iron Man (Doesn’t make sense but it works).


Chia Wanyi
Forward, Captain
1996 – Wanyi’s bubbly personality never fails to put smiles across people’s faces. Although she doesn’t impress people with the (bad) puns that she makes, she always manages to crack everyone up with her contagious laughter. She is very approachable. Be it floorball-related or not, she is always ready to help others. She can be the easiest going person out there, until you attempt to split her name up into Wan Yi.

Clara Seow

Clara Seow Hui Jia
1996 – Clara is a very funny, nice and helpful individual. Her first impression may either make you speechless, awed in surprise, or disdain (rarely). However, as you get to know her more, you will realise that she is a very trustworthy, caring, super hilarious and beautiful girl. Her choice of words may be hurtful at times, but rest assure it is for your own good. She has her way in helping people to improve themselves. Once you’re her friend, you will never want to lose her (as a friend obviously, unless you’re a male).


Esther Wee Xue Li
1994 – A Leo who secretly has a joke for everything.
She’s prolly one of the newest member, but someone you can be comfortable being around her, you tend to loose your guards because of the vibes she gives out. A supportive and easy going player, and encouraging.


Eva Soh Yu Qi
1994 – Eva is a self-declared bipolar girl with different personalities in and out of court. That’s what she thinks. But she’s a really nice and warm person who is really easy to talk to and confide in. She’ll never fail to make people feel welcome and warm in the team no matter how young you are, even though she’s damn old.


Goh Cui Jun Amanda
1990 – She’s a person that you can rely on to execute tasks efficiently. Despite her limited knowledge about floorball, she is willing to help newcomers to the best of her ability.Her iconic hairstyle makes her the highlight of the team and anyone would be able to remember her.With her easy going attitude, she is able to connect with everyone and accept people for who they are.


Ho Wanxin
1996 – Wanxin is a very selfless, bubbly and an approachable individual. Actually, she has a heart that is made of gold. She thinks positively when she faces difficultly. Even though she look very blur and innocent but she is aware of what the things she should be doing. She motivates people around her and never fails to give in her best in everything she does. Wanxin would always be there for you no matter how busy she is.


Kajal Narah Singh
1997 – She is one of the most dedicated and passionate person that I have ever met. She is always supportive and knows the right time to give positive and negative feedback. She is a team player and she’s one of the players that I look up to even though she can be a pain in the ass sometimes. She can also be super lame but I do wish sometimes I can be a good player like her. I like how she is always calm and knows what she is doing as a defender. She’s always there for you if you need help, giving advice and tips. Always questioning herself when she makes mistakes and she never fails to cheer on the team during every match regardless whether we are losing or winning. For real, seeing her play makes me want to improve. 🙂

Yuan Zhen

Koh Yuan Zhen
Center, Vice Captain
1996 – Our vice-captain of the team with the healthiest diet because she technically cannot eat almost everything in the world… With vitamins… Like a vampire who’s afraid of sun, she also flashes like them. As one of our fastest player, she beats you even in the food queue. Her attempts in making a joke will make you go (-_-) As fast as she gets angry, she calms down quickly too. (But be prepared to get lashed out at during that short moment of anger.) Of course, her (usually) chirpy self will bring the team lots of joy especially when she suddenly get excited over nothing.


Lea Patricia Ng
1998 – Lea looks like a walnut. Albeit a self-proclaimed queen of puns, her humour mirrors a unicorn- non-existent. Apart from having bad puns and looking like a walnut, Lea is definitely a great friend :”). She is driven, confident and motivated. She’s been my right forward ever since we started playing Floorball. And not to mention was the one that brought me to KBFF. She’s always been the enthusiastic person to talk to about the sport we love and shows great potential in all she does! Lea is definitely one of a kind 🙂

Sin Ying

Lein Sin Ying
1992 – SinYing is a teammate that is always willing to guide us when we are in need of help as she would share her knowledge about floorball with
us and would also guide us by giving clear steps of what we should try
to do during a game. Without having us to approach her, she would
notice if we are having difficulties during a game and try to help us.


Likitha Raghavendra
1996 – Likitha is a very determined player. She can be blunt sometimes, but she’s really very lovable. She speaks her mind out without bothering about feelings but i think that’s what made her really special. A very reliable defender who gives her all everytime on court.
“Can i have some?” you will hear that often from her if there’s food. Hehe.



Nur Farah Nabilla Bte Dzulkiflee
2000 – Farah aka sadako, a girl with great sportsmanship and a crazy schedule. Despite her tiring weekly schedule she tries her best to squeeze in time for trainings with us 🙂 She may look small in size but her love for a variety of food is as big as my butt (maybe bigger) . She has a wide love for anything relating to Japanese like its songs  and infact has a favourite modern Japanese literature writer too! she is one of the strongest 15 year old girls I’ve met. She tries to attend every outing and training cheerfully, with her heads up strong and a open mind despite her rainy days. She is also really easy to get along with and to talk to personally too. She may seem like a small quiet little girl but then again, don’t judge a book by its cover. She a little innocent devil disguised as an angel. She probably rebels a lot more then she should (she ain’t too rebellious). She can easily go from  being your ‘partner in crime’ to ‘hey you’ll always have my shoulders to cry on’. She’s like the sun of the darkness 🙂 She brightens everyone’s day in a minute.

Hope to talk to different types of mannequins with you as time goes by and heres to more little adventures (and less getting lost) with you.


Nurul A’isyah Sudin
1992 – Nurul is awkwardly shy at first but she is real crazy once she gets comfortable with you. You may find her hard to approach at first, probably because of her resting bitch face and sarcasm but after talking to her a few times, you’ll realise that she’s a nice person!! 🙌  Totally a sports person cause she played so many sports before; hockey, track and field and i dont know what else she played before settling down with floorball. But in all, she’s a cool person, definitely someone you wanna be friends with 👌


Nurul Irdina Bte Zulkefli
1997 – She considers herself an introvert cause she really finds it hard to socialise with people and comes off as an awkward person when you first meet her. But when she gets comfortable with you, you will never hear her stop talking, i’m not even kidding!! And also, even though she rarely comes for training because of school and exams, she really has a deep interest and is passionately in love with floorball! She has a low sense of humour cause she laughs at literally everything and is damn lame when it comes to jokes. Oh and fun fact: she can play the cello!


Nurun Nazeera Bte Mohd Zain
1996 – Although she is quiet first, don’t let that fool you. Naz is the life of the party everywhere she goes. While a fun-loving diva off-court, on court she always brings her A-game. She is a highly versatile player who is willing to step up to any challenge she is faced with. She is a true team-player who is ever ready to meet the demands required of how be it switching position mid-game or helping her team mates out during training. Despite having a hectic work schedule, Naz has made time for floorball and demonstrated her commmitment for the game. We are all found of this little chilli padi and excited to see what she is going to bring this season!


Rachel Tan Hui Ting
1998 – Rachel is one that takes feedback really seriously and never fails to do her best on court. She puts her team first before herself and ensures that they all have ample opportunities to play on court despite their level of skill. She acknowledges & recognises any effort made by her fellow teammates and gives them feedback, helping them realise their full potential. She loves confusing goalkeepers- dribbling left to right until she ultimately takes her shot and never fails to come up with retarded ways to celebrate her victory/the team’s victory- be it twerking when she’s out of court or even using her stick to ‘row’ her way to her teammates. She is a reliable teammate & is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Shannon Heng
1998 – Shannon (or affectionately known as “Shannon Cannon” within the team) is someone who is hilarious as hell and can win you over with her infectious laughter. She may seem introverted and awkward at first, but give her time to be comfortable around you and you’ll realise that there’s more than meets the eye about her. I’m thankful to her for being my very first friend when I had just joined the team, and I genuinely cherish the friendship that we have forged over time. She’s also someone who is teachable and has so much potential to become a great player. She may not see it now, but I truly believe that once she overcomes her self-doubt and other obstacles standing in her way, she’ll come to realise just how much potential she has! Shannon, remember that I have faith in you, and will always be here cheering you on and supporting you. Stay positive always and never give up. The sky’s the limit so don’t be afraid to reach for the stars! 😀


Shermaine Ng
2001 – Sher is one of the youngest players in the team. She has strong interest in floorball that’s why she decided to pick up the floorball stick again after a pause. A committed and serious player but making fun of others sometimes.  She’s got the determination to be a better player. We believe that she can be the rising stars in the team.


Zelysha Elvira Ram
2000 – Combination of retarded and crazy yet outgoing. Zel will not let someone feel left out and you can go to her if u need someone to be crazy with.

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