2015/16 KBFF Dolphins

(Written by our players for our players)


Anna Lim
1985-Truly self-less but still screams ‘get out of court because I want to play’. Given salad runs from zero to 100. Motivating and assuring, giving team mates confidence and the push to deliver their 101 percent everytime. bottomless love for everyone in the kbff family. Ensuring basics are right!
Angela Law Jia En
1996-Angela never failed to give her all during games, defending strongly, and doing whatever it takes to prevent goals from going in. We would never have to worry about her. Being a dedicated player, she always insists on continuing to train even when she feels unwell. Despite her young age, you’ll be bewildered to find how determined and mighty she can be. She goes from “I will not concede any goals even if it means having to drop dead” to “I am going to destroy her” real quick. Don’t be deceived by her soft-spoken & concealed self, because if you would just take a moment and observe her, you’ll definitely be wowed.
Bavaani d/o Vindan
1990-You may not agree to most of it but I’m sure half the team does..
B -Beyonce of the team(diva on & off court)
A – A workaholic
V – Very blunt bav
A – A meme queen
A – Astonishing world record of 2 min
N – Nutter in a good way
I – Independent
Having Bavaani (she loves to call herself beyonce) in the team brought much more laughter and entertainment than usual. Someone who isn’t afraid of telling you in the face that you suck. We all need a little reminder sometimes. We crossed path in 2008 or 2009 during a hockey match against Sp & Nyp. She was a fearsome leader like 300 attacking from the defence. Her hits scared me the most. In 2014, we crossed path again. Welcome to the club! It was fun reminiscing the past.
Her strength & courage portrayed during time of darkness was heart-warming. I truly admired her. She nvr gave up. What she doesn’t know is that, when something is bothering her it’s written on face & she tries hard to hide it. Bavaani has a heart of gold. She works at Beyond Social Services who helps the low income families; raising funds and social awareness to others. Keep on thriving hard.
To my hockey partner in crime,
1 out of the many sisters (it keeps growing, I lost count)
Thank you for being you, accepting my non stop nagging & teaching me. Love you!
Charmaine Tan Yapei
1996-Charmaine is one of the best person you’ll ever meet. She’s always there to help anyone in need regardless of how busy she is. She is very determined and motivated to pursue her goals. Charmaine is constantly guiding me to become a better player on court and in life. Not only is she an awesome friend, but also a role model that I look up to (-:
Chen JingYi, Lauren
1994-I strive on being the hardest worker in training. The hardest in looking after my team. And then, she came along. Rough, loud, controversial and most importantly- fearless. Little did I know she would turn out to be the person this team needed the most- someone who is not afraid to shake the boat after half a decade and jolt us when we were feeling sorry for ourselves. The sky is not even a limit for her progression with her selfless attitude like secretly making fruit salads for the girls after screwing them over for defending errors HAHA. She is a gem and our team has never been the same. We have become dirtier! OH YEA!
Chiang Jia Qi, Priscilla
Forward, Vice-Captain
1996-She is the most annoying human being on earth. One that i’d love to slap across the border. But as much as i “hate” her, the best thing one could love about her is her heart. Her heart invested in this team. Her heart in empathising & looking out for others, even at the expense of herself. Her heart in being dedicated & passionate in her role as a leader as well as a player, in spite of her 2 broken legs. She’s a VC (inside joke) that we all love to hate & laugh at; our constant source of entertainment. I can safely say that all of us here in this family are proud of her, with how much she’s grown & accomplished in her run as a VC. Her fire, fuels mine on court. & there’s nothing more i could ask for or change about her. Even her cluelessness is endearing. She is, unique. & for this i wish her, love.
Francine Natasha McCall
Centre Forward
1989-The Messi of the team. Francine’s dribbling skills and smooth touches leave opponents gobsmacked. She leads the team with a panache and she expects nothing but the best from her mates. Despite boasting years of floorball and hockey experience under her belt, Francine is constantly working hard to improve herself.
Off the court, Francine is our sexy ‘ang moh’. Her outgoing personality teamed with her caring nature and effulgent smile makes this Eurasian beauty a lovable person to be around.
Beauty is not without brains. Francine is a graduate in Information Technology and she is also gifted with mean baking skills. Her chocolate chip cookies can give Famous Amos a run for their money.
A pioneer of KBFF, the growth and success of the club would not have been possible if not for her dedication and perseverance.
Giam Hui Ni, Winnie
1996-Winnie might appear headstrong on the outside sometimes but in real has a nice heart. When someone matters is in need of help, she doesn’t hesitate to go all the way to help. In court, she does amazing things whenever she believes in herself and when she is believed in. So, continue to keep your head up no matter what because when you do, you are impossibly unbeatable. We believe in you:)
Hui An
Koh Hui An
1988-“Hui An, I sprained my ankle.” “Hui An, I have backaches.”. “Hui An, I got hit on the ear, how?” And there, she will start giving her consultation. In case you might be wondering, she is a certified physiotherapist but has somehow become our team’s go-to doctor. She is not only very passionate in her work but also in her floorball career. You can never doubt her loyalty to the team. However strong-willed she might be, she has her softer side. I look up to her compassionate nature- never judging and looking down on others. Rather, she takes the time to guide those in need of help. She is definitely a friend whom I can confide in and you know she will be there for you. One of her pet peeves? Try putting your hand over her shoulder during photo-taking after a game. You shall see what funny responses you can get from her.
Kua Ting Wei Sheryl
1996-Sheryl is a very determined player. She never fails to keep her mind strong despite whatever failure she meets on the way. Furthermore, she put others before herself and is always more than willing to lend a helping hand. Her never ending encouragement is always a motivation to keep her teammates going. Despite the endless challenges she meet on the way, she would still be able to put a smile on her face. Sheryl never stopped spreading that positivity of hers!
Kwang Ya Li
1986-Yali is our team’s fastest and probably one of the best forwards. She puts herself on the line each time she’s on court, making sure she chase down each opponent, hold on to every ball if it depended on her, and is most fired up for a good game and time with our mates.Her love for KBFF is at a level not anyone can match up with and she has indelible proof for it heh. Thank you for everything Stone pop! 😝
Shan Ling
Lee Shan Ling
1993-Lee Shan Ling, nickname = Serious Lee, the quiet girl but DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT’S COVER! She’s the girl who will make sure that you wake up for breakfast with her. Coffee is her wife and her future husband will be a dog but seriously, you should find one boyfriend soon, ain’t that young as you think you are anymore, woman. Besides, she’s a perfectionist, she has the time to think of a perfect pass or shot on court. STOP THINKING, SHAN LING. Keep Improving on court!
Ling Ling
Ling Ling
1995-KBFF going international! Having Lingling and friends to join our team is one of the KBFF highlights for year 2015. Still remember the very first few trainings we had together, we were sprinting our lungs out for hours and were all dying but she’s still full of energy & was one of the fastest. We all went “Wow!”.Lingling is a warm, encouraging, hilarious, super easy-going, efficient, responsive and skillful floorball player. She’s serious in court and playful when out of court. She is always looking out for fellow teammates, making sure that they are physically and mentally well. She’s always well equipped with lame jokes and funny pick up lines to make people laugh! A very fun and positive person to be around with! To end this, one of the most memorable thing about Lingling is the fact that she calmly out-dribbled three opponents to take a shot – Swee lah!
Loh Zhi Yang, Jovina
Centre Forward
1990-An empathetic friend and teammate who’ll tell you, “You’re better than you think you are”, just so you’d pick yourself up, even when she’s having a bad day herself.
Marissa Zuhaila Zainuddin
1990-Whenever M plays as my forward partner, it feels like we are Mbarking on a new journey. We really Mphasize on improving tgt like making sure the slot area is always not Mpty and it feels M-azing when we actually made it. Also, M can be quite Mbarrassing at times, especially when she laughs at her own jokes.

Nur Nabihah Binte Salim
1990-Kbff’s one and only Kakak fitness. She lifts, kayaks and climbs and is also the queen of puns. Always so straight-faced and stingy with her smile. She is really one to count on and is definitely, one of a kind 🙂
Sara Lim


Seah Sze Tong, Tina
1989-‘At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us’ -Albert Scheritzer- And you are one of them both on and off court, KBFF Headband Tins! Thank you! #加油 石头 Fate has brought us together for something so great and valuable that nothing in this world can replace.
Yun Xuan
Seng Yun Xuan
2001-Yunxuan aka Paul in the team is our youngest player. She’s willing to listen to others and follow instructions. She may not be a fantastic player but she strives to be one. Always wanting to improve on herself be it floorball or as a person. She’s has a lot of potential and she is still young. Yunxuan is goal driven and if sets a goal will work towards it, this is one thing I like about her. Even though, she may be blur cock at times. Overall, she’s a very talkative and out going person.
Shavon Chew Wen Xin
1995-Born with a RBF, Shavon might be intimidating at first sight. More often than not, she answers “are you ok?” with “yes its just my face”. You might find her cheeky as her pet peeve goes “fight fight fight” or “hospital hospital” but look deep within her and you’ll find a strong, heartwarming flow of passion for floorball, compassion, kindness and positivity that radiates to the ones around her. She’s always focused during training and makes the effort to guide others, while remaining humble herself. And at the last sight, you’ll realise how intimidating yet so angelic she is.
Siti Aisyah Umairah Binte Mohamad Mokhtar
1996-Nobody does a pedo smile better than she can! Forever feeling like the world is going to end after one mistake, but somehow always having a way to make us all go “whoa you can do that?!” with her sudden skills on court! And please, tell her to stop singing!
Syaza Lyana Bte Abdul Aziz
1989-Never a good first impression, but she’s actually a tofu. Nice in her way, sometimes you can never understand. Forever scolding, but always with a good intention. Fun-loving, caring, crazy, loud, annoying. If you think you are emotional, she can be more emotional than you. Presenting the cat in our team, Aza.
Tan Puay En Belle
1998-One of the youngest players in our team. Doe eyed and comical! She never fails to make me laugh before and after training and when we hang out but is dead serious when we are paired up for our games. She always reminds me to stay focused and that we can do it! To my dearest pizza thief…thank you for being my forward partner! Here’s to more moments of bad spelling and elbowing the rest of the girls!#NutellaLover
Tricia Whang Chen Hui
1996-Tricia is known for being the giraffe of the team because of her height and speed. She never fails to injure herself during training or games which greatly shows her passion and drive not only for the sport but also for the team. Her fighting spirit is an inspiring influence to the team. Always giving her best during trainings, she unknowingly motivates the people around her. Do not underestimate her aggression, she just might take you down.
Umi Syahirah Bte Karim Khan Surattee
Centre Forward, Captain
1996-Syahirahhh aka our Captain aka B……..(i shall not say HAHAHAHA) is a great leader who is an all-rounder player. Defender, centre, forward (you name it). Maybe if we gave her a helmet and a keeper suit, she’ll take over our own keepers too, who knows! Okay kiddinggg :p She’s a great(and fierce) mentor who’s also one of our senior players; who can lead the whole team despite being only 19 years old. Someone who you can talk floorball to on and off court unless you touch her hair then that’s it for you hehe. Overall, she’s someone who we can look up to despite the different age range of the players in KBFF. An overall amazing leader i can say.

Zhang Jiayi, Cara
1990-I wish you all the happiness in the world because you have given us nothing but that in your time with KBFF. Perhaps much more than happiness. You bring us laughter with your unique grammar and spelling. You fall on court like a sack of potatoes. Your ears and heart are always open to the girls whenever they have problems. As open as your home that you never hesitate to offer for our team meetings and surprise vegetarian birthday parties. In some of our darkest times, you were one of the first to give help like when our teammate was overseas. These are things that make a player a person. That make a person a (K)BFF and treasured teammate. I can continue counting the ways – always the first to forgive when the dictators are going hard on the girls. I’d say more but that is for the benefit of us KBFF-ians. Continue seeing the rainbow while the rest only see rain. It is a blessing. Without Cara in KBFF, our English standard would go up but we would lose much more 😛

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