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Our Coach

Our team (according to jersey number)

1. Sara Lim- the lyric slayer, so they say. Too charming for words.

2. Cara Zhang – she puts the Cheer in cheerful and the A in Alamak so noisy!

3. Hui the Moonwalker An-  remembered for her random techno dance moves and her amazing goal line clearance.

4. Dira Bieber Shakira – loves Justin way too much! >.<

5. Aza Bun – Steam 4 life!

7. Francine McCall me Maybe

8. Anna the self-proclaimed Queen Lim

9. Zy Bun – self-declared Princess of KBFF. Where do we find these girls?!

10. Dira Faziera – How do you stop Jacob Black from attacking you? Throw a floorball and shout fetch!

12. Aimee Stark– IronMan’s daughter

14. Tina the garden Capricorn Seah

17. Captain Morning Glory Izy

19. Syahirah Mrs Bean Khan

21. Jovina still processing……………………………………………Loh

22. Shing Yi– Don’t tell me you can’t, I know u can. Look and take a shot!=)

23. Nurashyqah Shake-ah!

25. Noor Diana Kitty – socially inept. Poor girl…

88. Please ah Pris Ouch