ANNA LIM. Evidently a player with no experience. Who let her play?! I thought we recruited her to fill our water bottles?!
  AZA SHEPHERD. Best player we trained from scratch but she litters.
  CLAR TOYOL. Very evil. Loves her tongue.
DIRA SHAKIRA. She joined us mid-way but settled in quite well!
FRANCINE McCALL. Without her, Femme Fatales would ever have never blossomed and reached this far. We salute her for braving the storm when we were still small and insignificant!
LINAJIN. Our mercurial defender who scares the hell out of both opponents & us!
HUI AN. IVP goalscorer! Touch her at your own risk. Don’t even think about touching her stick. You will die painfully.
IZY. She is our captain. And our rock. Because nothing can take the wind out of her sails.
JOVINA. She will do anything to get the ball, including jump. But she scores brilliant surprising goals so we’ll keep her.
Q. Most likely to say to you fuck off bitch! before running circles around you with one hand holding her stick.
SAZ. Big joker, talks alot, always gotta big smile… until she realized she has to cheer AND play. But hey, she’s an IVP GOLDscorer.
SHING. Very fierce when she is angry thus she is our vice captain. Don’t be fooled by her meekness; she can outdance everyone!
SHYQAH. This defender can do no wrong. As cool as a cucumber. Plays floorball like a walk in the park.
SINLI. row row row your boat…
SMALL. The shortest in our group but runs the fastest. Low centre of gravity …
SYAHIRAH. I see her achieving great things but she is innocent and fun-sized so um, don’t push her if you play against her yea?
YIEN. I have no idea what position she plays cuz she can definitely play ALL!

Our Coaches

JATIN NAIR. He’d rather fight a losing battle than be associated with us.RANJIT NAIR. We suck so bad that he would rather coach us drunk.But thanks, for caring! And no, your photos will not be removed. -ransom-