Sara Lim good with her hands

Stephanie Tan our secret weapon to slow the pace of the game

Nurashyqah Noah – the only calm one in our team

Sazwina Mohd Ripin – our cheerleader

Anna Lim – the most vulgar

Hafidza binte AR – provider of wise words

Our Girls

Aza – our star noob

Elai Gacad – my hair is not standing!

Koh Hui An – don’t touch me

Wong Shing Yi – oh no why did i miss oh no…

Sherlyn Tham Yen Yu – our first noob recruit and the loudest

Loh Zhi Yang Jovina – huh? what did she say?

Nur Izyan binte Sazali – our solid defenceman + nurse

Nur Salihah binte Minggu – too cool to cheer

Francine Natasha McCall – seriously..

Yani – our star national footballer