Premier League beckons

In a week, we meet last season’s champions, Albatross, in our first Division 1 league match.


Since our community soccer event in May, we had our annual KBFF Camp All-In thus the design of our camp tshirts.


Unlike previous years where the team enjoyed free flow fun, the camp committee added an early morning run, PT by the beach, well, you get the picture.


The aim of the camp was to foster a better understanding and tolerance for one another and to remind everyone of the values we hold dear.


To be a great team, I believe we must be great friends first. A great team becomes friends who take ownership and rise to challenges like organising camps and community events passionately. The more teammates talk and contribute, the stronger our resolve to being good friends and playing good floorball.

It will be the busiest year for KBFF so far. We have two teams- Dolphins and Orcas, vying in their separate Division tournaments.  In between the league season, our two teams will also be participating in the ActiveSG Floorball Tournament. We are also months into our #TGIFloorball- floorball sessions that we organise for residents and enthusiasts.


If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything so we are heartened to have the support of a company that understands our values (our About Us hasn’t changed much since 2010) and passion- Dribble. For now, the jerseys are being prepared and we cannot wait to see wear them in our first game!


KBFF 5th Annual Futsal Tournament- It’s a Wrap!

Our 5th annual futsal tournament went smoothly this morning. This year, we had 4 categories- Men’s Open, Boys U21, Girls U17 and Boys U16.

Really appreciate the support and happy faces and feedback we received again this year.

We will back in 2018!

Team KBFF managing our tournament
The medals and trophies by Dribble 
Men’s Open Champions again! – Knockout
We had a Girls U17 category for the first time (check out the event t-shirt designed by our Cara Zhang!)
Thanks everyone for joining us this year!

#TGIFloorball Schedule in May 2017

Come join us for our Friday floorball sessions in May.

We are ready to have you every Friday this month except 19 May as it is our annual KBFF Camp weekend!

Our sessions are open to everyone from children to complete beginners- we will provide the sticks). More details on our dedicated page.

RSVP by completing 30-second Google form ( and let’s meet up soon!


Thank you Dribble

Registration for our 5th annual futsal tournament is now closed. Thanks everyone for your support!

dribble logo.png

Also a shoutout to Dribble for preparing the tournament medals and trophies. Dribble specialises in event solutions and digital marketing. Collaborating with them was a breeze. Check out their online store too!

Dribble is on Facebook too:

Train hard and we will see you at Offside in 14 days.

Our event is supported by Kebun Baru CSC and Northwest CDC:

CSC_logo_jpgnorthwest cdc

A Bigger Meaning 

#TGIFloorball yesterday, our weekly social seriously just for fun floorball session, was literally a ball of fun. We got to know two new players. One had not touched her stick since her pre-U days so it was a good feeling to be the place she fell in love with floorball again. Better yet, our current #TGIFers are improving and are starting to give our macho keeper a harder time.

(macho keeper in the middle)

Today, a good friend asked me what my vision was for KBFF. I had not really thought about that. Perhaps I would say for now that we want KBFF to be a team for women of all ages and backgrounds to be able to be themselves without judgment and play safely with neither prejudice nor sexism.

Have a good long weekend!

— Sara

Updates: KBFF 5th Annual 5-a-side Futsal Tournament

Thank you for your support in our futsal tournament. We have made some changes.

Mixed Open

The Mixed Novice category will now be a Mixed Open. The age limit is at least 16 years old for safety reasons. There must be a minimum of 1 female playing at all times.


The medals and prizes for the top teams will depend on the number of teams joining.


We have limited space for teams especially the Open categories so please register your team by 26 April 2017. The fixtures will be out soon after. You can confirm your player names a week before the tournament. Best to reserve a slot with us first.

Players can play more than one category. E.g. Mixed Open & Ladies Open

Email this entry form to funfloorball@gmail.comentry form for KBFF 5th Annual Futsal Tournament. Or, register interest and we will contact you:

Back to training

Hope everyone had a fruitful long weekend. Sleep is for the weak!

Training for our women’s teams under coach Nahen continues tomorrow. If you are keen to play competitively, drop us a note.

#TGIFloorball is back on Friday. We had some responses over the weekend so looking forward to meeting fresh faces!

For our fifth annual futsal tournament, we need more responses to be able to go ahead with the various categories so do register your interest first so that we can help you with registration.

KBFF provides the most dedicated and personalised contact service in Singapore floorball to answer all your queries so contact us today via email or WhatsApp!