From the Coach

This season was a rollercoaster ride for both me and the team for sure. Losing players and having a young and inexperienced team compared to the past years was a real challenge. As a coach, my aim was to bring the team to the playoffs at least but it was not easy due to the players’ work commitments, ‘O’ level preparation and the number of inexperienced players that we had. Game after game, many may have thought that we were a team that could be easily taken down without any fight. Despite that, the girls have shown them that they were not any team that could be walked over.

As a coach, I might not have achieved the target that I had set for the team. However, witnessing my players beat experienced players on court has shown me that I have inspired them to play like me at least – to never fear your opponent.

Winning and losing is definitely part of the league but for me, seeing the frustration on the opponents’ faces is an awesome emotion as compared to the feeling of victory that I get from winning and I felt it almost throughout the season…I might not be the best coach that they have ever had and I might have failed as a coach but at end of the day, I believe that I did not fail as a player for sure. I really thank the girls for that! All in all, it’s never the end; it’s just the start of a new journey!! #NH7



Part 2: All interviews were done separately but more than mere coincidence, their answers raised similar experiences.

Rachel, 19

1. What makes you feel proud to be a woman?

Women have aced multitasking – dealing with family & children as well as juggling work life. Freedom too because women now are allowed to speak about their opinions and play a crucial role in society unlike long ago where women were seen as “housewives” and “slaves to their husbands”.

2. Are there any challenges you face, just because you’re female?

Women can be physically stronger and withstand pain better than men like during childbirth. However, it is just nature that men are more physically powerful than women. Being a woman, for example, travelling alone is possible, of course, but women have to weigh the consequences. Men rarely do.


What makes you proud to be a woman?

I think, as a woman, we tend to be more emotional and sensitive. As such we break down easily. However, despite it, we have better control over our emotions. We are able to channel our emotions into positive things better.

The idea of being versatile makes me proud to be a woman. Generally women are better at multitasking many roles. For example, a student, a daughter, a mother and a colleague. Each role has a purpose attached to it and woman are better at executing each role. This makes us women powerful!

The ability to break away from stereotypes and notions which has the ability to put us down makes us strong. We do not allow any kind of oppression determine our future. We are willing to stand and fight for what we believe in and help others to achieve their goals.

Are there any challenges you face, just because you’re a female?

The notion of beauty is one issue that never fails to make its appearance. Women being compared to another on their feminine characteristics and physique. For example, the idea that all women should look like Gal Gadot. This tends to affect the confidence of women because it causes self-doubt and lowers their self-esteem. Instead of pitting women against each other, we should learn how to compliment one another.

The idea that women should be home by a certain time and cannot travel is another issue that I still face as a woman. Due to the increase in threat to women’s safety, it is hard to convince parents to allow you to stay out. Although we are capable of taking care of ourselves, parents will always harbour that fear.

In a largely patriarchal society where men are pretty much the main character, it is very hard to climb the ladder and be equals to men no matter what we do.

Nurul, 25

1. What makes you feel proud to be a woman?

Many reasons why I’m proud to be a woman- we are able to multi task, are emotionally stronger, compassionate and we are able to have babies! 😍.

2. Are there any challenges you face, just because you’re a female?

Having to compete with other women and pay more for things like clothes, cosmetics, cannot travel alone and having to look appealing all the time. Life may be such but being a women is wonderful.

Marissa, 27

Well, there are many reasons why I am so grateful and proud to be a woman. There are so many beautiful and powerful female figures today doing amazing things and changing the world! They make me feel like women do really run the world and keep me inspired. We are generally passionate and emotional beings so being in a team full of women, there are a lot of heart to heart talks. So we are really a closely-knit and organised team. Plus, we have an infinite amount of fashion choices! (Hehe)

I do admit that sometimes as a professional woman, I do face some challenges in my daily life because of my gender. However, I understand that this is often due to societal’s expectation of how women should be like. Thankfully, this problem is not as pronounced here in Singapore and so far, I have plenty of opportunities and freedom to do the things that I love (like floorball!).

[Marissa & Nurul are wearing teal jerseys by KBFFxDribble]

Our Take post IFF’s GOGIRLS! Floorball Project

“There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, and every one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future. They are a source of energy, power and creativity. They can drive change and help build a better future for all. Yet, most girls face disadvantage and discrimination on a daily basis, and those living through crises are suffering even more.” – UN’s #DayoftheGirl every 11 October

In October as well, the International Floorball Federation also touched on how to get more girls to play floorball.

From their website, “The IFF aims to provide guidance on the different challenges faced by girls in obtaining access to participation in sport, and to help break down those barriers within the international Floorball family.”

Singapore floorball is the best in Southeast Asia. Surely one cannot point to discrimination in and out of the floorball court here!

However, sometimes, the discrimination lies in the little things.

For instance, are we allowed the same level of physicality as men when we play? Or is one push too many?

Do our girls have the choice to wear skirts instead of shorts for floorball? Or is that discrimination?

Will there one day be goalie equipment suitable for women?

A long way to go.


1v1 time!

We asked the youngest player to have joined KBFF years ago, Yun Xuan, what makes her feel proud to be a woman and what challenges she faced because of it.

In her words:

I am proud to be a woman because i get to change other people’s perspectives on what it means to be a woman.

Growing up with a mother that had a traditional mindset, it was not easy being the only daughter. When i was younger, my mother used to make me wear preppy dresses along with outrageous hair styles whenever we went out (I was basically a human doll for her). I hated the clothes she bought so much that i hid them away and refused to tell my mother where they all were. Needless to say my mother and I had countless arguments over our differences in fashion styles.

My two older brothers were my role models; I wanted to be just like them. We would challenge each other to wrestling fights, sprints and many other activities that was deemed too “violent” for a girl, according to my mother.

Even though I did not fit into the cookie cutter version of what my mother had initially envisioned, she has learned to be more accepting of me over the years. Nowadays, she does not mind me playing floorball all the time, going for trainings etc (of which she used to nag at me all the time for).

Thus, i am proud to be a woman who does not conform to gender stereotypes, because I get to break these stereotypes and change the people around me, instead of changing myself to suit the needs of other people.

Well said, yx!

To be continued.

[Yun Xuan’s jersey by KBFFxDribble]

ActiveSG-SFL Women’s Floorball Division 3



Contact us if you are interested in the upcoming Division 3. We have special privileges if you’re a goalie (;

KBFF Orcas are one of the 14 confirmed teams that will be participating in the upcoming ActiveSG-SFL Women’s Division 3 league. The other teams are:

  • Cheetahs
  • Pei Hwa Phoenix
  • Zyrus FC
  • Katana FC
  • THORB Synergy
  • Team Armadas
  • Alpha Bandits
  • Cosmos Ladies Floorball Team
  • 2 Legs
  • Supernova
  • Kryptonite FC

ActiveSG-SFL Women’s Division 3 Registration Fees
Court Fees -$550.00
Referee and Match Secretariat Fee: $520.00 (13 matches @ ($25 (referees fees) + $15 (match sect fees)
Player’s Licensing Fee -$250.00 (additional players @ $10.00 each, maximum 30 players)
League Registration Fee -$100.00
Total: $1,420.00 to $1,470.00

14 Nov 2017 – Team Managers’ Meeting
16 Nov 2017 – Deadline for payment
18 Nov 2017 – Deadline for the registration of players via the website
25/26 Nov 2017 – Commencement of the league

1-on-1 with Kajal Singh, KBFF Dolphin’s Captain

She joined the KBFF Orcas in 2015 and two years later, KJ is the captain for KBFF Dolphins in the Premiership.

KBFF may a big team of 50 but KJ‘s mix of confidence, calmness, maturity and spontaneity makes her a respected and approachable leader. Let’s put it this way – she is as fast to point out how we can defend better as she is to strike a pose with the under 20s.

Here is a quick interview with KJ.


1. Give us abit about your floorball background.

I started floorball back when I was in secondary school. I was from Serangoon Garden Secondary School. My love for the sport grew tremendously. I was always inspired from my coaches in secondary school (Shout out to Benji, Teresa and Martha Quek – for being such a big inspiration). Eventually, I joined Nanyang Polytechnic’s floorball team as well. (Fun fact – I captained both SGS and NYP teams in my time there!) Just as I thought school trainings were not enough, I joined KBFF in 2015 for more floorball and here I am right now!

2. A memorable floorball moment for you

The most memorable moment would be during the 2015 POL-ITE against RP. I scored a top corner in a free hit at almost the half way line. It completely shocked me because I would have never thought to score against such a strong team and it has got to be my best goal scored to date.

3. If a kid asked you if Santa Claus was real, what would you say?

I would tell the kid to always follow your heart and believe in what you believe in. (because they’ll eventually grow up and learn the reality of the world, so always let the kids believe in their dreams and be happy while it lasts!)

4. Name one thing you’d make compulsory and one thing you’d ban if you were president.

One thing I would make compulsory as president would be equality. Every single person must be treated as equal, in opportunities, pay etc. I would ban plastic bags as president, to save the environment from its coming doom (or at least like slow it down, we all will die eventually HAHAHAHAHA) (SAVE THE OCEAN MY POOR SEA TURTLES CRI)


5. You have so many sisters. Name one thing they do that would annoy you the most.

When they touch my stuff. I would appreciate it if they ask permission to take something of mine, but sometimes they don’t, SO ANNOYING. Oh and touching in a sense that they clear up my things. Like thanks for tidying my things but firstly, THEY MISPLACE MY THINGS ANNOYING, and lastly I like my mess thanks HAHAHAH (no I’m not always a messy person ahhaha)

6. What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to How To Save A Life by The Fray, good stuff.


Jerseys: KBFFxDribble

In the Midst of Div 1

Match 4
Us vs NUS Jupitans

Our thoughts on our performance have been well summarised by our MOTM, Kwang Yali (81). “Our comeback was not about losing or winning; it was about every individual’s determination and perseverance to push the team to the next level. We did it together in this game. We fought till the last whistle. I am very proud of my teammates. We have achieved something that was missing in the past few matches. Of cos, we did want a win against NUS Jupitans but I believe we will get there under the lead of our super handsome and coolest coach.

May we get what we never deserve.”

A KBFFian Czechs In

In July, one of our most floorball-crazy players, Kwang Yali, booked a solo trip to Prague, Czech Republic. She enrolled in the first of three open training camps held before the annual Czech Floorball Open. She was so excited about it that she refused to tell the team when she was flying off so as to not jinx it. Too bad, on the first day, her cab accidentally drove off with her luggage.

The camp is run by elite floorball players from Team Tatran Střešovice. The first camp had over 45 players from countries like China and Slovakia. Yali was the only Singaporean.

This is her account. If you would like to get in touch to plan your own Czech trip, contact us.


I cannot believe I have attended a 7 days 6 nights floorball camp in Prague, Czech Republic, at the young age of 31. It was a big to-do in my bucket list too.

I was feeling so nervous months before as it was my first time travelling alone. The participants would be half my age too and perhaps more experienced too.

I arrived a day before the camp to familiarize myself with the camp area. It started to dawn on me that the day had arrived. I checked in with my huge-ass luggage and stick bag.

My cosy bed for the next 7 days

One of the kind and helpful organizers who helped me to carry up my heavy luggage ended up my coach for the next 7 days.

Team Tatran Střešovice
The floorball club that organized the floorball camp

I had a hit around with the Czech kids before the start of the camp briefing. They were so skilled and fast! They are so young but their basic floorball skills are so good. I can only imagine how far they can go in their future floorball career.

I love how their chemistry was created instantly. To me, I felt the Czech kids were eager to win as they ran for any 50/50 chance balls. They were not selfish- we combined well for a few quick blindside goals. At their age, they can drag shot/slap shot better than me. I wish our Singapore kids are exposed to such floorball standards at a young age.


We had floorball training twice a day. They taught us basics that was different from what I have learnt. We even have free time to access the court to practise whenever we want. The floorball court was every floorballer’s dream to have in Singapore.


Besides having floorball trainings, we played soccer and they taught us some soccer skills because that’s their second-loved sport and soccer can helps us in floorball. We did some yoga and gymnastics too! I felt my body is more flexible now!

Soccer sessions


The camp meals were simple yet delicious and healthy. I can have 2 servings but sadly, I only paid for a price of one pax.


When I looked at my first breakfast, I was wondering how to eat this bread /:


Their sunset was at around 10pm and sunrise was at around 4am. I could watch the sunset view everyday. It was so beautiful in the cool weather.


The night before the last day of the camp and post-debrief, the coaches opened the court for us to play and they blasted music. I thought I will never have the chance to enjoy a floorball party in the dark. It was surreal to me. I was so happy!

We had a mini tournament at the last of the camp. They mixed the two groups together. My team won 2nd.


That’s the end of my summertime madness floorball camp in Prague. I would love to attend again. Perhaps one day I will be able to join their club training. ☺