If You Look Up

The spectators at Hougang Sports Hall yesterday evening were treated to quite an exciting floorball match between NUS Titans and Albatross. Still much to play for as the title will not be decided on points.

The last floorball upset I remember happened in 2007 when LMFC (a combination of players from the current top 3 current teams) was finally defeated by Titans as well who were then called Tampines East Titans. They scored three goals in the final period at the now demolished Tampines Sports Hall.

Our game against Owls thereafter was quite close. We led a goal to none in the first period and played an equally well second period. The draw in the final period was undone by 3 goals conceded in the final ten minutes.

It was difficult to accept initially. Our mistakes got the better of us and it is agonizing to let down the people who believe KBFF can do much more. One of the things we were reminded of was how far we have come as teammates and now friends over 5 years and not to throw it all away like we have the past two games.

As one of our oldies said, we only have to count on one another to get where we want to be. ūüí™

If we can look up, we can get up.

Stairs to Heaven

Our slow start against NTU Tempest last weekend almost costed us the game but our girls fought back to level the score after being two goals down.

It was not a full squad as our players are mostly having exams ranging from N Levels to Uni midterms aka Life of a Singaporean.

After the game, it was time for PT. These stairs made my legs ache for days after but every step made good team bonding time. We went from pretending we were climbing a mountain without a view to comparing how much easier this is than our weekly HDB stairs PT.

If you’re up for a character building sport that brings out the best and worst in you, look no further. Join us.

We cater to all levels of experience in floorball and sports in general. Yes, coach potatoes are welcome too. ūüėÜ

Afterall, that is how KBFF started. This is a photo of us from 2012!

A Mid-Season Review: Dolphins

As anticipated, our league season has been a difficult one. Our first game against Liitto FC was a thrashing. Kudos to them for beating the top local floorball team, Albatross FC, yesterday evening though.

Our second game against another top team, NUS Titans, saw us placed bottom of the league table with a double digit goal deficit by our first weekend of matches.

We had a week’s break before our next game against NUS Jupitans which¬†garnered the same result- another loss. Losing consecutive games made some of us doubt our ability¬†to compete¬†in Div 1 but I am glad we turned the corner with a narrow win against Fatgirls the following week.

KBFF Dolphins

It was a narrow 6-5 loss again to West Coast Cripz yesterday but we played our hearts out for this game. The better team won. This game also marked our defender¬†Hui An‘s final game with us before she leaves for the UK for a year to further her studies. We will miss her¬†dance moves and weird expressions!

We continue to look forward to the rest of the season with an even tougher attitude and fighting spirit. The highest league level of local floorball definitely brings out the best and worst in a person. Player emotions are something our captain, Jing Yi, and vice-captain, Kajal (KJ), have tirelessly confronted weekly and we are thankful for their positivity.

We also have a new coach, Nahendran, to help us so there is much to fight for.

Separately, our Orcas are training weekly for the Division 3 Playoffs. Check out their Instagram hashtag for more details.


It is never too late to join KBFF. Contact us for more details.


For Division 1 2016

19 hours ago, SFA sent an¬†email regarding the upcoming floorball league as appended. We are welcoming fellow floorballers to join us for the upcoming Division 1 season. It will be quite a journey as we will fight tooth and nail to retain our spot in Div 1. (It is our first time at the top!) If you are up for a fight, let’s get in touch! (https://funfloorball.com/recruitment/)

Please note that the following leagues will likely commence in End July/Early August 2016.  This early announcement is to aide you in your planning for your trainings in the lead-up to the season. If you have any queries, please feel free to email me at sfldivision1@gmail.com or thru this email. We will update you once the dates are confirmed. Thank you.

If there are any changes to the team’s representative, do kindly update us too.

1.      SFL 2016/2017 Division 1 Men’s
2.      SFL 2016/2017 Division 1 Women’s
3.      SFL 2016/2017 Division 2 Women’s

Below are the list of teams that qualified for the above 3 leagues.

¬† ¬† Men’s Division 1
1       Hurricanes
2       Jokasports Jansenites Floorball Club
3       Jokasports Wondersticks
4       Merahan Knights
5       Moosemen
6       Nhac Tre No. 1
7       NUS Nemesis
8       Skools Innebandy
9       Tazsilian Piranhaz
10      TW-P Hitman
11      Victoria School Floorball
12      YES! Spartans

¬† ¬† Women’s Division 1
1       Albatross FC
2       Fatgirls
3       KBFF Dolphins
4       Merahan Knightingales
5       Mountbatten/X3M
6       NUS Jupitans
7       NUS Titans FC
8       Skools OSB Owls
9       Team U Sports FC Protege
10      Team U Sports Liitto FC
11      Tempest
12      West Coast Cripz

¬† ¬† Women’s Division 2
1       Agape Adelphe Floorball Club
2       Eudora FC
3       Merahan Sparrows
4       NUS Callistans
5       Police Sports Association
6       Sparkies
7       Team Armadas
8       THORB Synergy
9       TP Wolves
10      Vendetta Eagles
11      Vijyanti Hockey Club
12      Wonder Belles Rising Jays