Happy February!


Still a long way to go in our league but we will continue to try hard. Chinese New Year is around the corner. More photos from the open house soon.

Please contact us using our Facebook page instead of email. Less spam and we won’t miss it. Thanks for the support!


The League is On!

Apologies for the recent lack of updates. It is easier to update our Facebook page and Instagram hashtag (#kbffdolphins).

We played our first league match against NUS Callistans at Hougang Sports Hall. It was a close and gruelling match.


Singapore Floorball League 2014/15 Men’s and Ladies’ Division 2 season

Fresh from SFA!

Dear Team Managers,

The Singapore Floorball League 2014/15 Men’s and Ladies’ Division 2 season is slated to commence on the weekend on22/23 Nov 2014 weekend.  It is tentatively slated to end on the last weekend of March 2015.

The SFA Tournament Committee is now inviting qualified teams to register their team for the SFL2014/15 Men’s and Ladies’ Division 2.  We would appreciate receiving confirmation of your participation by the deadline as indicated below by way of reply to the following email, sfldivision2@gmail.com .  A Team Managers’ Meeting will be held on Friday, 14 Nov 2014 at 7.30pm at the Conference Room at Bedok Sports Hall.



If correctly registered, the teams participating in the SFL2014/15 Men’s and Ladies’ Division 2 will be:


1 Argonnauts 1 Agape
2 Merahan Gunners 2 Tempest
3 Xishan Young Flamingoes 3 KBFF Dolphins
4 SPARTANS 4 TK X-treme
5 P9 5 NUS Callistans
6 Skools Endura 6 RP Salibandy Ladies
7 SMU Hunters 7 Springfield THORB
8 Victoria School 8 Police Sports Association
9 Weekend Warriors 9 Merahan Sparrows
10 NUS Saints 10 Skools Youth
11 Hurricanes 11 Team Armadas
12 Merahan Ravens 12 West Coast Cripz
13 FC Squirrels 13 Blooming Wonder Belles
14 Blacks 14 Agape Adelphe Floorball Club



New teams are invited to register for the SFL2014/15 Ladies’ Division 2 League. It will be on a first come first serve basis. There will be a waiting list for teams in case any of the qualified teams should reject their spot in the league. The SFL2014/15 Ladies’ Division 2 can accommodate up to 20 teams. Kindly email to sfldivision2@gmail.com with your Team’s name, Team Managers’ name and his/her contact number.


Competition Venues

The tournaments committee are seeking for clubs that would like to play their own matches in their own venue/compound (ie schools halls). The association are open to the idea of allowing the SFL League matches to be played in venues other than the official league venue (Republic Polytechnic). This is provided the venue is able to accommodate the official rink size.

Clubs that are able to accommodate for their own games at their own venue would only be required to pay for the affiliation fees and player licensing fees. Please kindly reply us immediately if you would wish to hold the league games at your own preferred venue.

Benefits of playing matches at your own venue

– flexible timing

– easier accessibility for your players and supporters

– lower league costs


Please kindly take note of the below dates

01 Oct 2014 – Release from SFA of the participating teams


12 Oct 2014 – Deadline for confirmation of participating teams


13 Oct 2014 – Media release of confirmed participating teams in Division 2


15 Oct – Release from SFA of Payment Fees and registration forms


12 Nov 2014 – Deadline for submission of Team Registration Forms

* Upon submission of Team Registration Forms, changes to the team CAN only be made during the transfer window period.


14 Nov 2014 – Team Manager’s Meeting and Deadline for Payment.

* Please take note of this new regulation set by SFA whereby teams are to make payment (in the form of cheque or cash) prior to or during the Team Managers’ Meeting.

* SFA will not be entertaining any payment made after the above date. Team that failed to made the necessary payment during the above date will have their slot taken away from them.


On behalf of the association, we would like to thank all of teams for your support and invaluable contribution to the sport of floorball in Singapore during the past calendar year.


Best Regards,

Kenneth Ho

Singapore Floorball Association