What A Year!

The league is finally over, thank goodness! We finished 6th.

It has been a whirlwind of a season. From almost being relegated to almost topping the relegation table to 6th! YAY!

Brilliant coach who puts the F in fear. New girls in the team. Noobs who learnt from scratch and are now so passionate about floorball. So happy that our team sticks together and they are happy to play together. We believe in building a team for the future and we will work towards that in 2013.

We won our final match yesterday. The score was 4-3! After that, we had our gift exchange organised by Shyqah and Hui An. Kebun Baru CSC was very kind in sending us yummy pizza as well! We also chose our new committee  to burden new players with responsibilities (HAHA!)

Xmas Exchange

Roll on 2013! Keep the training enquiries coming in. We will reply to you regarding our first training session.


Our Second Win

We secured all three points last weekend in a tough game.

The gold ribbons we wore were to support one of our dear team mates who is facing a difficult time and could not be with us yesterday.

Whatever happens to one of us, we are in it together all the way ❤

Two Losses

We did not have a good run of games recently. Losses against Young Flamingos, favourites for the title and SMU Foxes, whose resilience we could not break down. They were very strong opponents and there is definitely much to be learnt from them.

Our treasurer gave everyone something.

And the girls organised a Secret Santa exchange for our final game on the 30th. (:

Remaining Fixtures- all at RP

Below are the fixtures for the rest of the season. Published on our website first 🙂

Please feel free to email us if you want to swop with our slots. We will see if we can.

For teams that would like to reschedule their matches, you may do so by swopping your slot with another slot with the permission and acknowledgement by the other 2 teams from that slot and your opponents. Upon the agreement of the 3 teams, please informed me as soon as possible so that I can make the necessary adjustment to the fixtures and to inform the referee schedulerer. Ladies match can only be swopped with another ladies match and likewise for the men’s side.

Alternatively you may choose you play your matches which you would like to reschedule at an alternative venue however please note that SFA would not be reimbursing you the court fees as the SFA have already paid the scheduled slot court fees to Republic Polytechnic. If you are to play at an alternative venue, the court must be of the standard floorball rink size and the necessary line markings are to be present. Please also inform me at least 2 weeks in advance so that I could arrange for referees for the match.

Lastly for teams that have not made payments for the league fees, please kindly do so by 23th Nov 2012. Thanks.

17 Nov 11.00am Young Flamingoes vs Valtina Warriors
12.30pm Merahan Sparrows vs Euffles
2.00pm X3M Panthera Wave vs NUS Callistans
3.30pm SIM Inferno vs Team Armadas
5.00pm Agape vs KBFF
18 Nov 6.00pm NTU Storm vs RP
7.30pm Police vs Euffles
25 Nov 9.00am Young Flamingoes vs Springfield THORB
10.30am Merahan Sparrows vs RP
2.00pm Team Armadas vs NTU Storm
3.30pm X3M Panthera Wave vs KBFF
5.00pm Agape vs NUS Callistans
6.30pm Police vs SIM Inferno
1 Dec 11.00am Young Flamingoes vs NUS Callistans
2.30pm Merahan Sparrows vs Team Armadas
4.00pm X3M Panthera Wave vs Valtina Warriors
2 Dec 9.00am Agape vs Springfield THORB
10.30am NTU Storm vs Police
4.00pm KBFF vs NUS Callistans
5.30pm SIM Inferno vs RP
8 Dec 9.00am SMU Foxes vs Springfield THORB
12.30pm Young Flamingoes vs KBFF
4.00pm Police vs Team Armadas
9 Dec 11.00am Merahan Sparrows vs SIM Inferno
12.30pm SMU Foxes vs NUS Callistans
2.00pm Agape vs Valtina Warriors
9 Dec 3.30pm Police vs Team Armadas
15 Dec 11.00am X3M Panthera Wave vs Springfield THORB
4.30pm SMU Foxes vs Valtina Warriors
6.00pm Euffles vs NTU Storm
16 Dec 7.00pm SMU Foxes vs KBFF
22 Dec 9.00am Young Flamingoes vs Agape
10.30am NUS Callistans vs Springfield THORB
12.00pm Team Armadas vs RP
1.30pm SIM Inferno vs Euffles
3.00pm KBFF vs Valtina Warriors
23 Dec 5.00pm SMU Foxes vs X3M Panthera Wave
30 Dec 9.00am NTU Storm vs Merahan Sparrows
10.30am Young Flamingoes vs X3M Panthera Wave
12.00pm KBFF vs Springfield THORB
1.30pm Police vs RP
3.00pm Team Armadas vs Euffles
4.30pm NUS Callistans vs Valtina Warriors
6.00pm SMU Foxes vs Agape
12 Jan 11.00am Police vs Merahan Sparrows
2.00pm Springfield THORB vs Valtina Warriors
5.30pm NTU Storm vs SIM Inferno
13 Jan 12.00pm Euffles vs RP
4.00pm Agape vs X3M Panthera Wave
5.30pm Young Flamingoes vs SMU Foxes
8.30pm Prize Presentation Ceremony

Promo Battle!

We are thrilled to be in the promotion table this year after two gruelling seasons in the floorball league. Because of the increasing number of women’s teams competing in SFL, this promo/relegation playoff tables were introduced.

Our aim this year was to reach the promotion table and we achieved it together as a team! Anything further will be a bonus.

I am very proud of the core team – Hui An / Dira / Aza / Francine / Izy / Syahirah / Jovina / Shing / Shyqah. We fought together over the two years to reach here together, not giving up on the team when we were almost relegated in 2010 and missed the promotion table by a few points in 2011.

I am equally proud of the league newbies (Cara / Anna / Zy / Faz / Fiona / Aimee / Tina / Diana / Priscilla) who joined us with so much enthusiasm to learn- either introduced by friends and via our website. Our coach trained them from scratch to compete in the league. Their unwavering committment and effort in training paid off.

This is how floorball becomes more than just a sport. It is not about a winning scoreline; it is about how we achieve it together as a team.

Playing with goodlooking *muahaha* team mates who contribute to everything positive about being in a team both in and out of court is a priceless experience that I am thankful for. I have played floorball long enough to know that this is something very special and unique to our team that we will strive to upkeep.

Well done girls! Keep up the good spirit!

Sara Lim

p.s To those who wrote in regarding our training dates, just email me. I will provide you with more info, thanks!

New Fixtures

Fixtures for the next 2 weeks (full fixtures will be send out by end of this week)

Promotion Group Relegation Group
Teams Teams
SMU Foxes Merahan Sparrows
Agape Euffles
NUS Callistans SIM Inferno
Valtina Warriors Police
Young Flamingoes Team Armadas
X3M Panthera Wave NTU Storm
Keban Baru Femme Fatales RP
Springfield THORB
at RP
17 Nov 11.00am Young Flamingoes vs Valtina Warriors Promotion
17 Nov 12.30pm Merahan Sparrows vs Euffles Relegation
17 Nov 2.00pm X3M Panthera Wave vs NUS Callistans Promotion
17 Nov 3.30pm SIM Inferno vs Team Armadas Relegation
17 Nov 5.00pm Agape vs Keban Baru Femme Fatales Promotion
18 Nov 6.00pm NTU Storm vs RP Relegation
18 Nov 7.30pm Police vs Euffles Relegation
at RP
25 Nov 10.30am Merahan Sparrows vs RP Relegation
25 Nov 2.00pm Team Armadas vs NTU Storm Relegation
25 Nov 3.30pm X3M Panthera Wave vs Keban Baru Femme Fatales Promotion
25 Nov 5.00pm Agape vs NUS Callistans Promotion
25 Nov 6.30pm Police vs SIM Inferno Relegation