What a Journey!

“The past SFL Division 3 season has been a fruitful learning journey for both the KBFF Orcas and myself. Despite the fact that we started off with more than half the team having little experience in floorball, it is undeniable that we have all picked up more than a handful under the guidance of our ever patient coach Sonia! Looking back, we have all grown as individuals and thus led to the growth of the team as a whole – be it in terms of floorball or character wise. Indeed, it is no easy feat to put together a team consisting of players who are both strong and weak in different aspects individually. The team is very thankful for coach Sonia, the Dolphins seniors and most importantly, Sara the founder of KBFF for being willing to take risks and continuously believing in our potentials to make this team work out eventually. Our players come from different walks of life – students, working adults, etc. and through the past season, we have all found a special bond with each other within the team. In KBFF, it truly feels like we have a second family.” – Goh Yu Xin, Player, KBFF Orcas 2016/17

We congratulate our Orcas on a successful season.

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From SFA

Media Release for ActiveSG Singapore Floorball League

Dear Affiliates,

The following ActiveSG Singapore Floorball League 2016/17 leagues is slated to commence in the last week of November 2016.

1. ActiveSG Singapore Floorball League 2016/17 Men’s Division 2
2. ActiveSG Singapore Floorball League 2016/17 Men’s Division 3
3. ActiveSG Singapore Floorball League 2016/17 Women’s Division 3

The SFA Tournament Committee is now inviting qualified teams (please view the list below) to register their team for the above leagues. We would appreciate receiving confirmation of your participation by the deadline as indicated below by way of reply to the following email, sfldivision2@gmail.com .

The deadline for the confirmation of participation in the above leagues will be on 12 October 2016. SFA will not take into account teams that only confirmed their participation in the league after the above deadline. For teams that are withdrawing from the league, do kindly indicate so to us to facilitate our planning for the league.

We look forward to receiving your email reply on your team(s)’s participation.

Yours sincerely

Kenneth Ho / Najib Muslim
SFA Tournaments Committee

Qualified Teams for Men’s Division 2
2. Argonnauts
3. Blacks Innebandy
4. Blacks Salibandy
5. FC Squirrels
6. Merahan Gunners
7. NUS Saints
8. Police Sports Association
9. Salibandy Perhe Wolves
10. Skools Endura
11. Vendetta Falcons
12. Victoria School

Qualified Teams for Men’s Division 3
1. FC Pinklets
2. ILO
3. Meridian Men’s Alumni
4. Moose Warriors
5. NTU Blizzards
6. PSRC Floorball
7. Skoldpadda Pirates
8. SMU Hunters
9. Tazsilian Arowanaz
10. Team Central
11. THORB Synergy
12. UFC

Qualified Teams for Women’s Division 3
1. Cheetahs
2. Flaming Fox
3. NTU Storm
4. Pei Hwa Phoenix
5. Royal Albatross FC
6. Skools Youth
7. Wonder Belles Blooming Jays

Division 3 Playoffs League

SFA has announced that the Division 3 Playoffs league will commence in early November.

So, if you are a floorballer looking for a club, check us out as we will stop open trainings soon.

Our trainings are every Tuesday and Saturday evenings.

How to contact us?

1. Email us at kbffdolphins at gmail [dot] com

2. SMS the management at 9296 4796.

3. Send us a Facebook message at our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/KebunBaruCSCFemmesFatalesFloorballTeam


A Mid-Year Review- Orcas

January 2016 marked the end of the our KBFF Orcas’ maiden season. The girls fought hard but we finished at the bottom of the Division 3 table. It was bad for morale and our young players were naturally frustrated week in, week out.


At some point, I questioned the viability of a second team. KBFF Dolphins took several years of sacrifice from us oldies, regimental training and mental conditioning as well as much trial and error.

But some things changed my mind.

We began to see the formation of a core team of girls in Orcas who stuck together and cheered just the same when we scored despite being goals down. It was true to the KBFF spirit and that was a pleasant surprise.

I personally saw a different side of my senior players too. They mentored the kids during their own training hours and exemplified the culture of our team like mutual respect and selflessness. The seniors also toned down their scoldings, kept their cool and stayed patient.

A further boost to Orcas was being able to secure a confident coach to guide the young girls.

The final turning point that made me to press on with Orcas was my stint at a neighbourhood school. As an ex-national goalie, my ‘job’ was to give a few tips to the school team’s goalkeepers and to prevent them from making goalie mistakes I have made before it is too late!


I expected to see jaded faces. Instead, I met an endearing bunch of secondary school students who had genuine camaraderie even though it was a mixed team of boys and girls. Not a top school. Not the most skilled but they make it work. Their goalies are earnest and I am having such an enjoyable time coaching them. The ‘job’ has become a meaningful contribution and much food for thought. Youth teams are important for floorball and youth in general. No, youth must not be wasted on the young.

Being a part of KBFF Dolphins meant being jointly committed and responsible for the outcome of our team. Now, the same must be instilled in the Orcas, slowly but surely, before our next season in the Singapore Floorball League.

– Sara Lim