Tone up Thursday – Jun

From a girl who struggled to finish 4 rounds at the stadium to a girl who can complete 3km in 19 mins. Jun has been pushing herself to get fitter ever since she joined us and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress she’s made. She’s an inspiration to us all.


She’s also our best picture for this week’s #ToneUpThursday. Keep it up Jun!


Tone up Thursday – Kajal aka KJ

Why go through old photo albums to dig up a cute picture of yourself for #ThrowbackThursday when you can look cute while working on your fitness for #kbffToneUpThursday.

Here’s our best picture for this week.


KJ reminds us that being busy is just an excuse for laziness. Here she is showing us how to be a multitasking guru.

Keep it up KJ! To all our girls studying hard for their exams, we wish them all the best.

Last game for January 2016


The girls put up a valiant fight against their opponents last Saturday coming back from 0-2 to equalise in the second period and concede none. However, it was a close fight and we lost by a goal, again.

The girls stuck together through it all and celebrated in KBFF spirit when KJ scored, Shannon with a slow-mo rebound goal and Hoying with TWO after I promised her a free meal! Amielle got her first and well-deserved man of the match award (Thank you refs!)

To be frank, we are still the last team in the table. It is a difficult position to swallow and see week after week but we do have alot to learn everyday.

And with hard work, I am sure the girls will rise to the occasion when it is time. JIAYOU!

— Sara Lim

Our Pioneer Orcas

Have a read about our Orcas at

It is difficult to find a bunch of young girls who are willing to try something new, to bond, to face adversity together.

Difficult to find a group of leaders to pave the way for these girls full of potential.

But I believe we have. And I really like what I see. Continue fighting hard, girls. Nothing good comes easy. I am proud and excited to have you as our pioneer batch of KBFF Orcas. Always strive to protect the values like openness and compassion that we hold dear to our team.

— Sara Lim