#TGIFloorball Schedule in May 2017

Come join us for our Friday floorball sessions in May.

We are ready to have you every Friday this month except 19 May as it is our annual KBFF Camp weekend!

Our sessions are open to everyone from children to complete beginners- we will provide the sticks). More details on our dedicated page.

RSVP by completing 30-second Google form (https://goo.gl/forms/7SQS1sJMAQMewvY13) and let’s meet up soon!



Back to training

Hope everyone had a fruitful long weekend. Sleep is for the weak!

Training for our women’s teams under coach Nahen continues tomorrow. If you are keen to play competitively, drop us a note.

#TGIFloorball is back on Friday. We had some responses over the weekend so looking forward to meeting fresh faces!

For our fifth annual futsal tournament, we need more responses to be able to go ahead with the various categories so do register your interest first so that we can help you with registration.

KBFF provides the most dedicated and personalised contact service in Singapore floorball to answer all your queries so contact us today via email or WhatsApp!

About #TGIFloorball

It would not be a stretch to say that playing floorball together can make our world a happier place. A fun sport to get to know more people as you clash sticks and hopefully not heads. Not a sport that requires you to run 299 feet or 120 yards to get a chance at goal.

Check out all details at our dedicated page, https://funfloorball.com/tgifloorball/ .

A gist of what makes us different:

  • we provide equipment at no extra cost- sticks and bibs too
  • no pre-payment required
  • if you need a goalie, we can include one in the hit around
  • coaching provided for your young siblings or children
  • for adults, we also have a coach to show you the basics before you jump into the action

Why are we different?

We love floorball and we are made up of all kinds of human beings- different race, backgrounds and beliefs.

Coupled with our constant belief that floorball is more than a sport, #TGIFloorball is our KBFF way to bring people together.


We heard you.

KBFF is excited to announce the launch of our social floorball sessions. #TGIFloorball is open to all aged 6 and above.

So gather your friends (or come alone if you don’t have any. We’re very friendly people) and join us this Friday, 10th March, 7.30pm, at Mayflower Secondary School.

Just drop a text to Sara at 92964796 to rsvp or to find out more.