Kebun Baru Intergeneration Sports Day

Kebun Baru Intergeneration Sports Day

Helped out in the above event a few Sundays ago. Had to wake up in the wee hours of the morning but it was worth it. Thanks to the extra helping hands. We were game marshalls for the families participating. Smiles all around made the early morning worthwhile.


IVP Silver: Shyqah Scored!

Happy new year folks!

My nyp girls eventually won silver in the 2011 Ivp with Shyqah scoring another goal in the preliminary stages. She got ssssskill!

Training is as per usual, twice a week!

And the guys’ team beat Merahan 4-3 fighting back from a 1-3 deficit in the first two periods. (sounds like our team) :/

Aha well done! Now beat the rest!