Happy Holidays!

Credit to our Kwang Yali for creating KBFFamily’s 10th anniversary video below!


KBFF Begins Its 10th Year

With KBFF consisting of two teams, being able to spend time together apart from floorball training is precious.

We had our first team bonding session tonight. What happens in the team stays in the team hehe!

Thanks to Wanyi and Aisyah for organising the games and Yalı for settling our annual photoshoot.

We cannot wait to see the final video!

3rd Technical Officials Course Registration

Singapore Floorball Association will be organizing the Third Technical Officials Course in January 2019. Participants are to be of age 18 years and above as of 1st Jan 2019.

Course Fees: $80.00. Payment by CASH / CHEQUE (payable to Singapore Floorball Association) by first day of the course.
Course Duration: 4 evenings
Days: Tuesday to Friday

Vacancies: 20
Theory @ 1930-2200 @ Tues 15 Jan @ NSA Meeting Room 4 & 5
Theory @ 1930-2200 @ Wed 16 Jan @ Team Nila Room
Practical @ 1900-2200 @ Thurs 17 Jan @ OTH
Assessment @ 2000-2200 @ Fri 18 Jan @ OTH

Revised rates as of 2018, includes match secretariat course components (essential for referees w.e.f. 2018)

Things To Bring
– Writing Materials
– Sports Attire (practical & assessment dates)

Registration closes on Saturday 12th Jan 2019. No entries will be entertained after this date or whichever comes first.

Click on the link below to proceed with the online registration for the 2019 Technical Officials Course. https://goo.gl/forms/9nxoX6wRnYSpp3SF3

For further enquiries, please email sfa.ref.ob@gmail.com

KBFF and Beyond

For example, Beyond staff found that the young people hanging out at the void deck of a rental block were keen on floorball and roped in a floorball club to teach them the sport. Beyond also organised floorball tournaments and invited their parents and neighbours to cheer the youngsters on.


The TGIFloorball program for our kids in the neighborhood was mentioned briefly in the Straits Times last week.

Being able to afford to play a sport like floorball which requires expensive equipment and a specialised venue is a luxury.

So we started smol by partnering our Orcas’ coach Sonia Teo who has years of experience coaching kids.

She bought some junior floorball sticks online and we ordered a pair of portable goalposts from Jokasports.

The group grew in attendance and they showed us their commitment by attending training punctually and with tons of energy.

Soon enough, sustaining the program was becoming difficult for us because of competing stakeholder interests and issues like securing a proper long-term venue.

But the team pressed on and soon, we saw the light. We now have a proper venue thanks to Kebun Baru CC and we can organise floorball events with the support of Kebun Baru CSC. Along the way, we have also met many supportive parents who volunteered to settle the small things like arranging snacks for the sessions.

Importantly, all that we have achieved so far would not have been possible without our coach Sonia Teo and my awesome KBFF teammates supporting the kids at events and training sessions.

Thank you for the shared belief and for doing this with one united team spirit.

Division 3 in 2019

The floorball scene for women is indeed growing strong with a record 15 teams competing in the upcoming Division 3 league.

  1. Alpha Bandit Coyote
  2. Athena Pink Flamengos
  4. Katana FC
  5. KBFF Orcas
  6. Merahan Sparrows
  7. MT Athena
  8. NTU Storm
  9. Pei Hwa Secondary School
  10. Police Sports Association
  11. Supernova
  12. Tampines Floorball Club
  13. Vaalia FC
  14. VJC
  15. Zyrus FC

All the best teams!

New Timeline for the League Season Commencing in 2019

The new season of each league will commence at the start of each FY (Financial Year)
instead of the previous August commencement.

April to Aug – Men’s and Women’s Premier League, Women’s Division 2
Aug – Singapore National Games / GetActive Games
Aug to Nov – Men’s Division 4, 5 and 6 or Men’s Division 2 & 3, Women’s Division 3
Nov to March 2020 – Men’s Division 2 & 3, Women’s Division 3 or Men’s Division 4, 5 and 6

April to Aug – Men’s and Women’s Premier League, Women’s Division 2
Aug – Singapore National Games / GetActive Games
Aug to Nov – Men’s Division 2 & 3, Women’s Division 3
Nov to March 2021 – Men’s Division 4, 5 and 6.


Meanwhile, KBFF Orcas are training hard for the upcoming Division 3 2018 starting in January. We have a sweet deal if you are a goalie or am keen to play as one. Contact us to start!

Level 1 Coaching Course

From the Singapore Floorball Association:

This is something for you budding coaches!

Just a heads up – our registration will only open on 29 October and close on 28 November. Only limited slots available! Once the slots are filled up, the registration will be closed.

Those with friends/family interested in signing up for the course, please let them know early.

To find out more, click on the link: http://bit.ly/L1CoachingCourse