About Us

Femmes Fatales/ Kinda Best Friends Forever is a floorball team created by a group of school players back in 2010 who still wanted to be active in the sport. We compete in the Singapore Floorball League.


To this team, we play floorball for the thrill, teamwork and fun. We welcome players of all levels as we help them improve their skills and tactical awareness. We want to provide a platform to accelerate our team members’ growth to compete at the highest level in Singapore.

Most importantly, we believe not in social politics but seizing the day together. Having fun as a team. And trust me, we are the only team in Singapore that follows this mantra. Hell yea!

Leader-Leader Culture

We believe in sharing leadership and all players taking responsibility and ownership of our team. Everyone gets equal say on how the team must perform, play and what we want to achieve together.


Trainings can only be fun if we treat each other as friends. We do not discriminate- we don’t care if you’re young, old, gay, poor, fat or smoke because floorball is for everyone.

No skills required

Yes, we don’t care if you don’t have a floorball stick or haven’t ran in your life before. We want to meet you and get you hooked on floorball!

In this team, our attitude is simple. We have fun, we laugh alotttt, we mock but protect each other and we make friends through floorball. If you can do that, join us!

Giving Back

Helping fellow Singaporeans get active is a big part of our team spirit. Together with our neighbourhod sports clubs, we strive to help our country bond colour-blind through sports.