From the Coach

This season was a rollercoaster ride for both me and the team for sure. Losing players and having a young and inexperienced team compared to the past years was a real challenge. As a coach, my aim was to bring the team to the playoffs at least but it was not easy due to the players’ work commitments, ‘O’ level preparation and the number of inexperienced players that we had. Game after game, many may have thought that we were a team that could be easily taken down without any fight. Despite that, the girls have shown them that they were not any team that could be walked over.

As a coach, I might not have achieved the target that I had set for the team. However, witnessing my players beat experienced players on court has shown me that I have inspired them to play like me at least – to never fear your opponent.

Winning and losing is definitely part of the league but for me, seeing the frustration on the opponents’ faces is an awesome emotion as compared to the feeling of victory that I get from winning and I felt it almost throughout the season…I might not be the best coach that they have ever had and I might have failed as a coach but at end of the day, I believe that I did not fail as a player for sure. I really thank the girls for that! All in all, it’s never the end; it’s just the start of a new journey!! #NH7


Author: funfloorball

Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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