1-on-1 with Kajal Singh, KBFF Dolphin’s Captain

She joined the KBFF Orcas in 2015 and two years later, KJ is the captain for KBFF Dolphins in the Premiership.

KBFF may a big team of 50 but KJ‘s mix of confidence, calmness, maturity and spontaneity makes her a respected and approachable leader. Let’s put it this way – she is as fast to point out how we can defend better as she is to strike a pose with the under 20s.

Here is a quick interview with KJ.


1. Give us abit about your floorball background.

I started floorball back when I was in secondary school. I was from Serangoon Garden Secondary School. My love for the sport grew tremendously. I was always inspired from my coaches in secondary school (Shout out to Benji, Teresa and Martha Quek – for being such a big inspiration). Eventually, I joined Nanyang Polytechnic’s floorball team as well. (Fun fact – I captained both SGS and NYP teams in my time there!) Just as I thought school trainings were not enough, I joined KBFF in 2015 for more floorball and here I am right now!

2. A memorable floorball moment for you

The most memorable moment would be during the 2015 POL-ITE against RP. I scored a top corner in a free hit at almost the half way line. It completely shocked me because I would have never thought to score against such a strong team and it has got to be my best goal scored to date.

3. If a kid asked you if Santa Claus was real, what would you say?

I would tell the kid to always follow your heart and believe in what you believe in. (because they’ll eventually grow up and learn the reality of the world, so always let the kids believe in their dreams and be happy while it lasts!)

4. Name one thing you’d make compulsory and one thing you’d ban if you were president.

One thing I would make compulsory as president would be equality. Every single person must be treated as equal, in opportunities, pay etc. I would ban plastic bags as president, to save the environment from its coming doom (or at least like slow it down, we all will die eventually HAHAHAHAHA) (SAVE THE OCEAN MY POOR SEA TURTLES CRI)


5. You have so many sisters. Name one thing they do that would annoy you the most.

When they touch my stuff. I would appreciate it if they ask permission to take something of mine, but sometimes they don’t, SO ANNOYING. Oh and touching in a sense that they clear up my things. Like thanks for tidying my things but firstly, THEY MISPLACE MY THINGS ANNOYING, and lastly I like my mess thanks HAHAHAH (no I’m not always a messy person ahhaha)

6. What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to How To Save A Life by The Fray, good stuff.


Jerseys: KBFFxDribble


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Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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