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In July, one of our most floorball-crazy players, Kwang Yali, booked a solo trip to Prague, Czech Republic. She enrolled in the first of three open training camps held before the annual Czech Floorball Open. She was so excited about it that she refused to tell the team when she was flying off so as to not jinx it. Too bad, on the first day, her cab accidentally drove off with her luggage.

The camp is run by elite floorball players from Team Tatran Střešovice. The first camp had over 45 players from countries like China and Slovakia. Yali was the only Singaporean.

This is her account. If you would like to get in touch to plan your own Czech trip, contact us.


I cannot believe I have attended a 7 days 6 nights floorball camp in Prague, Czech Republic, at the young age of 31. It was a big to-do in my bucket list too.

I was feeling so nervous months before as it was my first time travelling alone. The participants would be half my age too and perhaps more experienced too.

I arrived a day before the camp to familiarize myself with the camp area. It started to dawn on me that the day had arrived. I checked in with my huge-ass luggage and stick bag.

My cosy bed for the next 7 days

One of the kind and helpful organizers who helped me to carry up my heavy luggage ended up my coach for the next 7 days.

Team Tatran Střešovice
The floorball club that organized the floorball camp

I had a hit around with the Czech kids before the start of the camp briefing. They were so skilled and fast! They are so young but their basic floorball skills are so good. I can only imagine how far they can go in their future floorball career.

I love how their chemistry was created instantly. To me, I felt the Czech kids were eager to win as they ran for any 50/50 chance balls. They were not selfish- we combined well for a few quick blindside goals. At their age, they can drag shot/slap shot better than me. I wish our Singapore kids are exposed to such floorball standards at a young age.


We had floorball training twice a day. They taught us basics that was different from what I have learnt. We even have free time to access the court to practise whenever we want. The floorball court was every floorballer’s dream to have in Singapore.


Besides having floorball trainings, we played soccer and they taught us some soccer skills because that’s their second-loved sport and soccer can helps us in floorball. We did some yoga and gymnastics too! I felt my body is more flexible now!

Soccer sessions


The camp meals were simple yet delicious and healthy. I can have 2 servings but sadly, I only paid for a price of one pax.


When I looked at my first breakfast, I was wondering how to eat this bread /:


Their sunset was at around 10pm and sunrise was at around 4am. I could watch the sunset view everyday. It was so beautiful in the cool weather.


The night before the last day of the camp and post-debrief, the coaches opened the court for us to play and they blasted music. I thought I will never have the chance to enjoy a floorball party in the dark. It was surreal to me. I was so happy!

We had a mini tournament at the last of the camp. They mixed the two groups together. My team won 2nd.


That’s the end of my summertime madness floorball camp in Prague. I would love to attend again. Perhaps one day I will be able to join their club training. ☺



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