Premier League beckons

In a week, we meet last season’s champions, Albatross, in our first Division 1 league match.


Since our community soccer event in May, we had our annual KBFF Camp All-In thus the design of our camp tshirts.


Unlike previous years where the team enjoyed free flow fun, the camp committee added an early morning run, PT by the beach, well, you get the picture.


The aim of the camp was to foster a better understanding and tolerance for one another and to remind everyone of the values we hold dear.


To be a great team, I believe we must be great friends first. A great team becomes friends who take ownership and rise to challenges like organising camps and community events passionately. The more teammates talk and contribute, the stronger our resolve to being good friends and playing good floorball.

It will be the busiest year for KBFF so far. We have two teams- Dolphins and Orcas, vying in their separate Division tournaments.  In between the league season, our two teams will also be participating in the ActiveSG Floorball Tournament. We are also months into our #TGIFloorball- floorball sessions that we organise for residents and enthusiasts.


If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything so we are heartened to have the support of a company that understands our values (our About Us hasn’t changed much since 2010) and passion- Dribble. For now, the jerseys are being prepared and we cannot wait to see wear them in our first game!


Author: funfloorball

Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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