What a Journey!

“The past SFL Division 3 season has been a fruitful learning journey for both the KBFF Orcas and myself. Despite the fact that we started off with more than half the team having little experience in floorball, it is undeniable that we have all picked up more than a handful under the guidance of our ever patient coach Sonia! Looking back, we have all grown as individuals and thus led to the growth of the team as a whole – be it in terms of floorball or character wise. Indeed, it is no easy feat to put together a team consisting of players who are both strong and weak in different aspects individually. The team is very thankful for coach Sonia, the Dolphins seniors and most importantly, Sara the founder of KBFF for being willing to take risks and continuously believing in our potentials to make this team work out eventually. Our players come from different walks of life – students, working adults, etc. and through the past season, we have all found a special bond with each other within the team. In KBFF, it truly feels like we have a second family.” – Goh Yu Xin, Player, KBFF Orcas 2016/17

We congratulate our Orcas on a successful season.

#KBFFOrcas #SGFloorball #FloorballSG #ActiveSG #Floorball


Author: funfloorball

Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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