Stairs to Heaven

Our slow start against NTU Tempest last weekend almost costed us the game but our girls fought back to level the score after being two goals down.

It was not a full squad as our players are mostly having exams ranging from N Levels to Uni midterms aka Life of a Singaporean.

After the game, it was time for PT. These stairs made my legs ache for days after but every step made good team bonding time. We went from pretending we were climbing a mountain without a view to comparing how much easier this is than our weekly HDB stairs PT.

If you’re up for a character building sport that brings out the best and worst in you, look no further. Join us.

We cater to all levels of experience in floorball and sports in general. Yes, coach potatoes are welcome too. 😆

Afterall, that is how KBFF started. This is a photo of us from 2012!


Author: funfloorball

Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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