A Mid-Season Review: Dolphins

As anticipated, our league season has been a difficult one. Our first game against Liitto FC was a thrashing. Kudos to them for beating the top local floorball team, Albatross FC, yesterday evening though.

Our second game against another top team, NUS Titans, saw us placed bottom of the league table with a double digit goal deficit by our first weekend of matches.

We had a week’s break before our next game against NUS Jupitans which garnered the same result- another loss. Losing consecutive games made some of us doubt our ability to compete in Div 1 but I am glad we turned the corner with a narrow win against Fatgirls the following week.

KBFF Dolphins

It was a narrow 6-5 loss again to West Coast Cripz yesterday but we played our hearts out for this game. The better team won. This game also marked our defender Hui An‘s final game with us before she leaves for the UK for a year to further her studies. We will miss her dance moves and weird expressions!

We continue to look forward to the rest of the season with an even tougher attitude and fighting spirit. The highest league level of local floorball definitely brings out the best and worst in a person. Player emotions are something our captain, Jing Yi, and vice-captain, Kajal (KJ), have tirelessly confronted weekly and we are thankful for their positivity.

We also have a new coach, Nahendran, to help us so there is much to fight for.

Separately, our Orcas are training weekly for the Division 3 Playoffs. Check out their Instagram hashtag for more details.


It is never too late to join KBFF. Contact us for more details.



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