For Division 1 2016

19 hours ago, SFA sent an email regarding the upcoming floorball league as appended. We are welcoming fellow floorballers to join us for the upcoming Division 1 season. It will be quite a journey as we will fight tooth and nail to retain our spot in Div 1. (It is our first time at the top!) If you are up for a fight, let’s get in touch! (

Please note that the following leagues will likely commence in End July/Early August 2016.  This early announcement is to aide you in your planning for your trainings in the lead-up to the season. If you have any queries, please feel free to email me at or thru this email. We will update you once the dates are confirmed. Thank you.

If there are any changes to the team’s representative, do kindly update us too.

1.      SFL 2016/2017 Division 1 Men’s
2.      SFL 2016/2017 Division 1 Women’s
3.      SFL 2016/2017 Division 2 Women’s

Below are the list of teams that qualified for the above 3 leagues.

    Men’s Division 1
1       Hurricanes
2       Jokasports Jansenites Floorball Club
3       Jokasports Wondersticks
4       Merahan Knights
5       Moosemen
6       Nhac Tre No. 1
7       NUS Nemesis
8       Skools Innebandy
9       Tazsilian Piranhaz
10      TW-P Hitman
11      Victoria School Floorball
12      YES! Spartans

    Women’s Division 1
1       Albatross FC
2       Fatgirls
3       KBFF Dolphins
4       Merahan Knightingales
5       Mountbatten/X3M
6       NUS Jupitans
7       NUS Titans FC
8       Skools OSB Owls
9       Team U Sports FC Protege
10      Team U Sports Liitto FC
11      Tempest
12      West Coast Cripz

    Women’s Division 2
1       Agape Adelphe Floorball Club
2       Eudora FC
3       Merahan Sparrows
4       NUS Callistans
5       Police Sports Association
6       Sparkies
7       Team Armadas
8       THORB Synergy
9       TP Wolves
10      Vendetta Eagles
11      Vijyanti Hockey Club
12      Wonder Belles Rising Jays


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Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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