Happy Holidays

It has been an eventful journey so far in Team Singapore. The girls made the swift passing and direct shots look easy peasy during the SEA Cup.

Looking back, I must say I could not have passed the Phase 1 2.4km test in August without the help of my KBFF team mates and coach who accompanied and paced me during our stadium runs leading up to it. I hated running ttm!

They even ran the last lap of the test with me in Bedok stadium that fateful evening in their officewear to make sure I felt guilty enough to push myself.

I was not alone again during the killer Phase 2 test aka the beep test with their fingers pointed at me daring me to stop before the Level 9 beep. It was quite embarrassing to collapse like an asthmatic patient while other participants were cool and composed past Level 9. Just like a stroll in the park while I was hyperventilating in the corner!

Thankful for all your support. I don’t know how long this will last but I will give this all I got!

The journey is still a long one. The Team Singapore girls and coaches Jaime & Emily are so passionate about floorball. I have much to learn from them!

What teammmm? SINGAPORE! 😀

Personally, I am grateful to my mentor Firdaus & his sister (who would have guessed this right omg?!) who made me a goalie and started KBFF with me before he got hitched!, my five coaches J & G & R & A & J whom I can count on for always giving feedback to me straight and unfiltered as well as J’s humiliating 90%-of-the-time-impossible-to-save penalties, my team mates for letting me dictate their lives and eating habits and lastly, BSC.

From now on, back to #KBFF updates! Our one and only resident Ang-moh will be hosting our 2014 Christmas dinner this Friday evening. Many photos in our Facebook Page soon!

(And thank you for updating this site in my absence :p #NorthKorea #noMoviehere)

, Sara


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Girls who play floorball for fun and laughter

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