From SFA: Confirmed Fixtures

Dear Team Managers,

Attached are the partial fixtures of the Division 2 Ladies’s League, the remaining fixtures will be published to all teams once we have completed the first stage of the Men’s Division 2 league. Sincere apologies for the delay in the release of the fixtures.

I have also attached the total cost per team for this season’s league. Please kindly either text me or email me once you have sent the cheque over to the Bedok SRC office. Kindly include your name and nric behind the cheque for identification purposes.

Attached are the fixtures and updated jersey colors lists.

Group C
Skools Youth $790.00
Merahan Sparrows $780.00
Mountbatten-X3M $850.00
Valtina Warriors $730.00
Team Armadas $750.00
Police Sports Association $850.00
West Coast Cripz $790.00
Blooming Wonder Belles $790.00
Fire Star $760.00
Agape Adelphe Floorball Club $760.00
Group D
NUS Jupitans
NUS Callistans $760.00
KBFF Dolphins $780.00
Springfield THORB $850.00
RP Salibandy Ladies $680.00
NTU Storm $790.00
Cheetahs $850.00
TK X-treme $760.00
SIM Inferno $790.00
Hockey Campus $690.00

** For teams that would like to reschedule their matches, you may do so by swopping your slot with another slot with the permission and acknowledgement by the other 2 teams from that slot and your opponent. Upon the agreement of the 3 teams, please informed me as soon as possible so that I can make the necessary adjustment to the fixtures and to inform the referee scheduler.

Alternatively you may choose you play your matches which you would like to reschedule at an alternative venue. However please note that SFA would not be reimbursing you the court fees as the SFA have already paid the scheduled slot court fees to Republic Polytechnic. If you are to play the matches at an alternative venue, the court must be of the standard floorball rink size and the necessary line markings are to be present. Please also inform me at least 2 weeks in advance so that I could arrange for referees for the match

Have a great weekend ahead.

Best regards,

Kenneth Ho

Singapore Floorball League 2013-14 Division 2 fixtures (till week 6).pdf


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